Jade City Chronicles: Herald MF Jones

Originally constructed as a community play for the Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern, the concept morphed into a comic book. The State of Things host Frank Stasio saw the stage production and has turned it into a radio drama.

The main character, Herald M.F. Jones, protects the metropolis of Jade City, an American city with a strong resemblance to Durham, North Carolina.  Born and raised in the African-American neighborhood of Concrete Falls, Jones is a mortal with some exceptional abilities.


Jade City Chronicles Episode List

Dec 1, 2011
Funyuns and a CokeSuperhero Herald MF Jones’ snack break gets interrupted by the villainous antics of his archnemesis, The Beef Cooka. https://goo.gl/cRXaTr
Dec 7, 2011
Where's There's SmokeJade City’s hero Herald MF Jones comes to the rescue when an apartment building catches on fire. But was the fire an accident…or the work of The Beef Cooka? https://goo.gl/8ikyYp
Dec 15, 2011
Walking the Line In the latest installment of our radio drama, The Jade City Pharaoh, Jade City’s city workers rally together in a peaceful demonstration against employee pension cuts…but it’s not peaceful for long when The Beef Cooka’s evil henchmen hit the scene. https://goo.gl/ZiHkjZ
Dec 22, 2011
A Jade City Christmas Even Jade City turns into a holly jolly place in the days leading up to Christmas. The Beef Cooka is quiet and Herald’s best friend, Supreme Intellect, is throwing the neighborhood’s hottest holiday party, but our superhero can’t bring himself to enjoy this time of year. Maybe a visit to his dear Aunt Margaret’s house will lift his spirits… https://goo.gl/5Xmjeg
Jan 27, 2012
To Serve the People Heavy rains in Jade City ground superhero Herald M.F. Jones. During the downpour, he meets a new friend named Asphalt and meets up with an old friend from the Jade City Police Department expresses concern for his safety. https://goo.gl/EZzl2l
Feb 2, 2012
Beautiful Melancholy Malik Fraser, the alter ego of superhero Herald M.F. Jones, reveals romantic feelings for a well-read, sad-eyed beauty named Belinda Goodall. But when he discovers the dark secret behind the sadness in her green eyes, can he help her? https://goo.gl/Wb6FlE
Feb 9, 2012
Ibrahim & the Real Americans The construction of an Islamic cultural center in one of Jade City’s least tolerant neighborhoods fuels hostility against the city’s Muslim community. Can superhero Herald MF Jones prevent anger from escalating into violence? https://goo.gl/oStp7g
Feb 16, 2012
Winner Take Nothing (Part I) Superhero Herald M.F. Jones attempts to take a night off from crime fighting to make time with the beautiful Belinda Goodall and attend an art exhibit and as his alter ego, Malik Fraser. But Jade City villain The Beef Cooka has other ideas and before long Jones is donning his green cape to save an innocent citizen. https://goo.gl/sppch6
Feb 23, 2012
Winner Take Nothing (Part II) Superhero Herald MF Jones finally comes face-to-face with his manipulative arch nemesis The Beef Cooka, who has a life-changing proposal for Jade City’s savior in exchange for the safe return of Kid Delight. Can Jones keep the upper hand and rescue Kid before The Beef Cooka cooks up any more trouble? https://goo.gl/3wd0kH
Mar 1, 2012
Home Superhero Herald MF Jones finds himself in the middle of a tense hostage situation when a mild-mannered Jade City citizen named Benjamin Macintosh decides to hold a bank loan officer against his will. What caused Macintosh to snap? https://goo.gl/c13iHg
Mar 1, 2012
BurningJade City is buzzing about a rare TV appearance by superhero Herald M.F. Jones, although the reviews are mixed. But things really heat up when the evil Beef Cooka makes a very personal attack on Jones’ alter ego, Malik Fraser. https://goo.gl/Y1aelJ
Mar 15, 2012
Enter the Anvil Superhero Herald MF Jones faces off with the Beef Cooka’s deadliest henchman, Anvil Steel. Can the Jade City Pharaoh defeat a maniac made of metal? https://goo.gl/eP2ysq
xxx 00, 2013
Hard to Kill At the end of season 1, our hero Herald M.F. Jones (aka The Jade City Pharaoh) was gravely wounded by his arch nemesis, The Beef Cooka. In this episode, Herald's closest friend, Supreme Intellect ('Preme) and police detective Martina McCoy wait anxiously at Herald's bedside as our hero pays an out-of-body visit to his long-deceased mentor. https://goo.gl/LXs4VC
xxx 00, 2013
The Chase We left our hero in the hospital, recovering from a brutal attack by his arch nemesis, The Beef Cooka. Though he survived, the Pharaoh fakes his death in hopes his enemy would get careless. For six months, he helped Detective Martina McCoy build a case. Now, the wait is over. It's time to take the fight to the very headquarters of The Beef Cooka. https://goo.gl/mqKWTq
xxx 00, 2013
Last Call In our last episode, our hero chased The Beef Cooka and his driver to a fiery crash at a police roadblock. But somehow, the wily Beef Cooka escaped. Now, the search for the sinister fiend must wait as the green-caped avenger, the Jade City Pharaoh, embarks on a personal crusade to save his detective friend from destroying herself. It's a quest that threatens a budding romance. https://goo.gl/1Sm0AA
xxx 00, 2014
Sanctuary As a crime fighter, Herald Jones knows not every moment of a heroes life is filled with adventure. Sometimes he has to run errands just like the rest of us — except he can fly and we can't. But even a simple trip to the bank can turn to danger for the Jade City Pharaoh. https://goo.gl/OfZw6Z
xxx 00, 2014
Love Don't Live Here Anymore
Things aren't going well between Malik Frasier and the woman he loves. Belinda Goodall has been stood up once too often. But she doesn't know that our humble bookstore clerk broke those dates on a hero's mission, playing his part as the Jade City Pharaoh. Malik's only hope is to reveal his secret identity, but will he do it, and can it save a failing romance? https://goo.gl/FE2tqN
xxx 00, 2014
Intentions of PatriotsLast week, crime-fighting took a back seat to Herald's troubled love life. Now that he's revealed his secret identity to Belinda Goodall, the Pharaoh is back, and there's no time to lose. Right-wing terrorists, filling with Islamophobic hatred are threatening the security of Concrete Falls. https://goo.gl/rYMiav
xxx 00, 2014
Nietchze's Spawn Herald Jones is hoping to relax after busting a violent band of radical patriots. Alas, he will face once again the merciless cyborg Anvil Steel. This monstrous machine-man menace gets the Pharaoh's attention when he threatens our hero's friend Henry at Henry's Stop N' Go. https://goo.gl/3PUAKv
xxx 00, 2014
A Cut Above
Herald Jones gets the word on the street when he visits his favorite barber shop. not all the news is good. The Mad Nabber's daring bank job right under the Pharaoh's nose is causing citizens to question his abilities. And the news gets worse for our unsuspecting hero. https://goo.gl/IRPOu5
xxx 00, 2014
To Grandmother’s House We Go In the rough and tumble streets of Concrete Falls, murder and revenge fuel a cycle of violence. Now, a grieving father seeks retribution for the murder of his only son. But for Herald Jones, vengeance isn't justice, even when the victim is a friend. https://goo.gl/HiIpEm
xxx 00, 2014
Willing to Take the RiskHerald Jones struggles to win back the affections of Belinda Goodall. He started the romance as his alter ego, Malik Fraser. Soon he was forced to reveal his secret identity to Belinda, who's had enough for both of them. In this season finale, Anvil Steel tries to break them up for good. (audio not available)